Monthly Archives: April 2017

From Data To Decision Making

  From Data To Decision Making Organisations have access to ever increasing amounts of data and information. Just a few decades ago these were restricted to what was held in the enterprise operational or financial systems. Now days, vast amounts of data collected from sensors and RFID, social media, and other sources, cause organisations to […]

P is for Personal

P is for Personal Prologue In a world where employment is no longer guaranteed for life, where the skills sets of today might be meaningless tomorrow, we should be in charge of our own professional destiny. One way to achieve this control is through PKM, Personal Knowledge Management. Personal Organisational Knowledge Management is centred on […]

The Government and Social Media

  The Government and Social Media When considering social media, most people think of their Facebook friends, the latest cute video they saw on YouTube, or their favourite celebrity photos on Instagram. They probably don’t think about a governmental department creating cool content or their local MP clicking on the “like” button for their latest […]