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It Needs To Be Business Class

  It Needs To Be Business Class SMEs are a very important part of the economy, however they face specific difficulties when compared to larger organisations. According to the Asian Development Bank Institute¬†they have limited access to financial resources, suffer from insufficient use of IT, and their sales channels are not developed enough. Social media […]

Where Are We Now?

  Are we still in the Web 2.0 era? Did Web 3.0 arrive already? What is Web 3.0? When will Web 4.0 / 5.0 arrive and what will it look like? These questions and alike have been a source to many debates and speculations in last few years. Academics, industry insiders, and pundits are all […]

We are not big enough

  We are not big enough It’s only for the big ones At your last family reunion you managed to catch up with Sharon. She is now a highly regarded consultant, specializing in Knowledge Management. Her clientele includes some of the biggest companies in the country. Throughout the evening she advocated for the usage of […]

Please Don’t Sue Me

Please Don’t Sue Me It all starts with good intentions So you decided to write a blog. After all, you like to travel, ride the great trails of beautiful New Zealand, and have so much to share. You jump onto, pick a cool name, an even cooler template, and you are ready to roll. […]

Tacit knowledge to the rescue

Tacit knowledge to the rescue You are seating in front of your work station, staring at a message on your screen, “Error 1306”. The programmer who wrote this part of the system has left the company several years ago. He did leave some remarks between the lines of code and some general documentation on what […]

Social Media – Where Is The Money

  Social Media – Where Is The Money? What we consider today as Social Media started in 1997 with This early social networking website allowed users to send messages to their friends and post items on boards. At its peak, the website had around 3.5 million users. The service did not last long and […]